Mud Compress

Clay based technology, natural herbal scent.

Our unique formula ensures that it conforms to the body better than pure hot water or GEL while providing same or even better hot/cold therapy effect. Furthermore, the natural herbal scent provides extra soothing effect.
  • Conforms to body shape when hot or when cold.
  • Natural earthy scent provides soothing effect.
  • Perfect for Heat or Cold Therapy.

Cold Therapy: Place in the refrigerator or the freezer 2 hours prior to usage or until it reaches desired temperature.

Heat Therapy:  Heat the Mud Compress (Clay Pack) in the microwave for 50 seconds. Then knead the pack to distribute the heat evenly. Flip the pack and reheat at 15 seconds interval until it reaches desirable temperature. If the pack is too hot, let it cools down to acceptable temperature before using.

OR simmer the Mud Compress in hot water for 5 to 10 minute, remove carefully and dry with cloth then apply to affected area.

How to Care: Wash with mild soap and warm water, let it dry in ventilated space before storing away. Avoid direct sunlight or exposed to heat source.

Caution: Always monitor skin condition when using Cold Therapy or Heat Therapy to avoid possible frostbite or burnt. DO NOT apply cold or heat therapy for more than 20 continuous minutes.