Neck Cooler

★ Great item that helps in cooling down during hot weather.

★ Helps to cools down the temperature without needing electricity, and can be reused multiple times.

★ The specially designed shape fits onto the neck without applying excessive pressure, allowing the Neck Cooler to stay securely on the neck and not easily fall off.

★Light-weighted and reusable Phase Changing Material (PCM). It can be used for cooling neck, back, wrist, etc…


★ The material inside the Neck Cooler is commonly referred to as the Phase Changing Material (PCM), it changes from solid to liquid as it absorbs heat from its surrounding environment.


★ From the moment users apply it onto the neck, they can feel immediate chilling effect that the Neck Cooler brings.

★ Unlike traditional ice pack, the coldness is gental and soothing. It does not lead to ice burns even if apply on the neck area for long period of time.

★ Depending on the surrounding temperature, the coldness of the Neck Cooler lasts for around 40 minutes to 1 hour.

★ During the process the solid inside the product slowly turns into liquid.


★ Simply leave it in room temperature for a period of time, allowing it to dissipate the heat absorbs from the body into the environment.

★ Alternatively, place it inside the freezer so it can rapidly cools down and ready to be used again in shorter time.